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With over a decade of experience under my belt as a full-stack developer, I've had the opportunity to spearhead project teams at tech startups in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. Additionally, I have worked as a freelance engineer for various companies based in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

Presently, I serve the role of a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at ACX. I am consistently committed to exploring and acquiring knowledge on emerging and popular technologies.


#TIL 43 - Delete all remote branches except main

blog_hero_#TIL 43 - Delete all remote branches except main

Remove all remote branches except for the one named "main"

git branch -r | grep -v 'main' | sed 's/origin\///' | xargs -I {} git push origin --delete {}

It may be necessary to execute git remote prune origin first in order to eliminate outdated remote branches.