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TIL #40 - How to Set Up Folding in Neovim

blog_hero_TIL #40 - How to Set Up Folding in Neovim

In this post, I will guide you through the process of setting up folding in Neovim using Nvim UFO (kevinhwang91/nvim-ufo) and fold-preview.nvim plugins. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Setup options

-- UFO folding
vim.o.foldcolumn = "1" -- '0' is not bad
vim.o.foldlevel = 99 -- Using ufo provider need a large value, feel free to decrease the value
vim.o.foldlevelstart = 99
vim.o.foldenable = true
vim.o.fillchars = [[eob: ,fold: ,foldopen:,foldsep: ,foldclose:]]

Step 2: Install folding plugins

return {
  -- UFO folding
    dependencies = {
        config = function()
          local builtin = require("statuscol.builtin")
            relculright = true,
            segments = {
              { text = { builtin.foldfunc }, click = "v:lua.ScFa" },
              { text = { "%s" }, click = "v:lua.ScSa" },
              { text = { builtin.lnumfunc, " " }, click = "v:lua.ScLa" },
    event = "BufReadPost",
    opts = {
      provider_selector = function()
        return { "treesitter", "indent" }

    init = function()
      vim.keymap.set("n", "zR", function()
      vim.keymap.set("n", "zM", function()
  -- Folding preview, by default h and l keys are used.
  -- On first press of h key, when cursor is on a closed fold, the preview will be shown.
  -- On second press the preview will be closed and fold will be opened.
  -- When preview is opened, the l key will close it and open fold. In all other cases these keys will work as usual.
  { "anuvyklack/fold-preview.nvim", dependencies = "anuvyklack/keymap-amend.nvim", config = true },

That's it! Now you have folding enabled in Neovim using the Nvim UFO and fold-preview.nvim plugins. Enjoy your enhanced code navigation and organization!

More detail about my config on feat: add ufo folding and support preview · jellydn/lazy-nvim-ide@426f235