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#TIL 39 - How to fix "Not a test file" error with vim-test

blog_hero_#TIL 39 - How to fix "Not a test file" error with vim-test

Hi all,

At the time I'm wring this TIL, there are 26 open issues with https://github.com/vim-test/vim-test/issues?q=is:issue+is:open+Not+a+test+file

You should find below"working directory" on readme as the solution. Either you use "autochdir" or "cd" to the test directory.

Working directory

Test.vim relies on you being cd-ed into the project root. However, sometimes you may want to execute tests from a different directory than Vim's current working directory. You might have a bigger project or monorepo with many subprojects, or you might be using autochdir. In any case, you can tell test.vim to use a different working directory for running tests:

I have used user commands before so I could write my own to resolve this issue on my NVim.

local create_cmd = vim.api.nvim_create_user_command

local function setProjectRootByCurrentBuffer()
  -- get path by test file
  local path = vim.fn.expand("%:p:h")
  -- find up to 5 levels to find package.json
  for i = 1, 5 do
    local package_json = path .. "/package.json"
    if vim.fn.filereadable(package_json) == 1 then
    path = vim.fn.fnamemodify(path, ":h")

  -- set project root
  vim.g["test#project_root"] = path

-- TODO: find vitest or jest on devDependencies or dependencies package.json and set test#javascript#runner

-- Usage: :TestWithJest when in test file or :TestWithVitest when in test file
-- vim-test plugin has not supported on large project or monorepo yet. A lot of issues on github
-- e.g: "Not a test file" error when running any of the test command
create_cmd("TestWithJest", function()
  vim.g["test#javascript#runner"] = "jest"

  -- set npx jest to run test
  vim.g["test#javascript#jest#executable"] = "npx jest"
  vim.g["test#javascript#jest#options"] = "--detectOpenHandles --updateSnapshot"

end, {})

create_cmd("TestWithVitest", function()
  vim.g["test#javascript#runner"] = "vitest"

  -- set npx vitest to run test
  vim.g["test#javascript#vitest#executable"] = "npx vitest"
  vim.g["test#javascript#vitest#options"] = "--update"

end, {})

With those user commands, I could run it once if I've got any "Not a test file" error. More detail about my config on https://github.com/jellydn/lazy-nvim-ide/blob/main/lua/plugins/test.lua