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React Hook - Use wait for transaction hash

blog_hero_React Hook - Use wait for transaction hash

Hi there,

It's been a while when I am working on https://use-wait-for-transaction-hash.vercel.app/ react-hook library. Let me share with you about my journey when I wrote this library.


If you have ever worked with blockchain, ETH is my case, after submitting a transaction to the network, you will get a transaction hash. From the end-user perspective, you need to tell the result of that transaction: fail or success.


I tried to search and found a good library but it's not free :) https://docs.blocknative.com/notify

Then I asked myself, could I write simple react-hook ? I think that would not be tricky for me to do so.


There is a solution comes up to my mind right away. That's "HTTP polling" technic. Basically, it will have a timer (interval) for constantly calling and check the transaction result.


import { useWaitForTransactionHash } from 'use-wait-for-transaction-hash';

interface Props {
    providerUrl: string;
    transactionHash: string;

function Notify({ providerUrl, transactionHash }: Props) {
    const { status } = useWaitForTransactionHash({
        hash: transactionHash,
    return (
            <pre>Hash: {transactionHash}</pre>
            <pre>Provider Url: {providerUrl}</pre>
            <pre>Status: {status}</pre>